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Name: David Neal
Alias: LittleBrother(For Online Use Only)
Born: 11/25/1981 Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville)
Hobbies: Amateur Radio (Radio call sign KG4WWN), Computers, Reading, Writing, AD&D, Other Role Playing Games, Cooking, Anime
Political Compass: Economic-9.50/Social-5.08

The alias "LittleBrother" is for the most part in refrence to George Orwell's "Big Brother" in the book 1984. It is also personaly relavant as I am the youngest of my siblings and am often identified not as my self but as their "Little Brother" Especialy while I was in primary and secondary school.

I am presently (2004) a sophomore at MTSU looking at becomming an elementary school teacher. I am currently enrolled in a Japaneese Class, (Second Semester) a joint philisophy/psychology class entitled "Science and Pseudo-Science" a class entitled "Understanding Mass Media" and beginning English.

Part of the assignment for the English Class is to create a web page mentioning certain details about myself. I have decided to append the required information to my user page in order to meet the requirements for the assignment.

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This user has an amateur radio license with callsign KG4WWN.