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Conflict of interest declaration concerning wind power[edit]

I have no financial interest in any energy company, anti-development organization, or political group.

I frequently write about the shortcomings of industrial-scale wind energy on the grid, both its adverse impacts on the environment and human neighbors and its problematic effects on other power sources.

I do so in my spare time for no remuneration past, present, or anticipated, but only in the interest of establishing facts that are often ignored, misunderstood, dismissed, and denied — including by Wikipedia editors — and exposing the often false reasoning used (generally by those with an express financial interest) to justify large-scale wind.

I do not have a wind turbine facility, nor is one proposed or even likely, "in my back yard".

I agree with a commenter at the New York Times' "Green Inc." blog that "with serious adverse impacts and very low potential benefits, wind ... only adds to the industrial depredation of our remaining rural and wild places."[1]