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This word, as far I am familiar with it, came from a term used to address those men of earlier 20th century who drove the trucks. And this term seems to be almost completely devoid of use.

Only once and early in my 30+-year, over-the-road, (long distance, irregular route non-union) trucking career, I came across this term while waiting to load or unload freight in New Jersey. The man in charge of the location where I was waiting addressed me as a truckmen and in fact offering me a cup of coffee (almost as rare an occurrence also, by the way) letting me know of what was to be a short delay. It sounded really good to be called a truckmen (at the time). So it stuck. I took it on as my nickname and web handle whenever and where ever possible. After a 10 year hiatus, I am (at this writing) back to "jamming gears" and I decided to keep the "handle" as a reminder of where I've been as well as keeping it alive out of tradition.