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According to "The Death Of A Dictionary" was released August 17th, 1989 not April 18th. -- sannse 20:34 Mar 11, 2003 (UTC)

Perhaps there were different release dates in different countries? Martin
That's a possibility. It would certainly account for the discrepancy. I suppose that sort of confusion is why most sites just list the year of release, which would more often be constant around the world. Perhaps we should do that in this case (and other similar situations). I don't see a great advantage to specifying the day.
On the other hand, maybe Michael has a good source of information, and the site I found was inaccurate or incomplete. If there is somewhere we can get accurate dates from then that would be great. -- sannse 17:02 Mar 12, 2003 (UTC)

Mike, dont remove comments from the talk page. -&#35918&#30505sv

DOAD was only released in the USA and according to the release date was the 17th of August, 1989 -