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A season is one of the major divisions of the year.

Season(s) or The Season may also refer to:

Periods of the year[edit]

  • Season (society) or social season, the portion of the year when the social elite hold events
  • Season (sports), the portion of the year when games are played
  • Breeding season, a time of year most favorable for wild animal or bird breeding
    • Estrus, a period in the estrous cycle of mammals when female seasonal breeders are receptive to mating
  • Christmas and holiday season, an annual festive season surrounding Christmas and New Year's Day
  • Growing season, in agriculture, the period of the year when crops can be grown
  • Hunting season, times of year when it is legal to hunt specific types of animals
  • Liturgical season, in Christian churches, a portion of the liturgical year
  • Seasonal food, the time of year when a given type food is at its peak


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